Third Party Verification

Identify The Gaps

Your internal team has worked with your legal counsel to create an effective CASL strategy, bringing your organization into compliance. You are sending CEM's with the proper information and a working unsuscribe. You believe you have a good handle on the various forms of consent and, for the most part, you know who is on your list, how they came to be on it and what your consent relationship is.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner made 9 Recommendations for Orgainzations seeking to be CASL compliant. The 9th is to "commission a third party audit of it's privacy practices."

In order to round out your compliance program, you have documented your Electronic Messaging Policies and Procedures, put the right tracking technology in place and trained your staff regarding these practices.

Now you just need a qualified third party to verify you have dotted the "i"s and crossed the "t"s. As experts in our new anti spam law, we can quickly identify the gaps and make recommendations to close them. 

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