The 5 Stages of CASL Compliance

Introducing CASL KEEP™

A comprehensive process combined with technology and staff training to ensure that your organization's email marketing practices are compliant with our new stringent laws. We know the law. We know what CRTC is looking for in terms of process. And we have impressive technology to track real-time status changes of everyone interacting with your brand online.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We create and document your CASL Compliant Email Marketing Process including our proven technology for tracking activities. Our proprietary process includes:
1. a complete audit of existing practices,
2. development of a CASL compliant process,
3. documenting your complete process,
4. connecting powerful technology that tracks the detail you need to prove opt-in
5. ongoing staff training.

While it will save you an arm & a leg, it won't cost you the same :)

It may be the best :30 minutes you invest in your Canadian marketing this year.

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