Derek is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He successfully developed marketing plans for two businesses that I managed, resulting in increased revenues and an improved corporate profile. From research and creation, to implementation and review, Derek handled each step of the process with professionalism and enthusiasm.
Rob Grieve
Professor / Coordinator - Hospitality Management and Special Event Planning at Durham College

Derek is the most creative person that I know. He is fantastic at creating brands and has been a huge help in building our brand for our businesses. I highly recommend his services for the great results he delivers.
Chris Thomson
Owner, Student Works Painters

Derek is an absolute joy to work with. He is patient, creative, and thinks out of the box and is not afraid to color outside the lines. His mentoring has absolutely changed the direction of our business. He brings a vast wealth of knowledge to the table that “money cannot buy”. I would recommend Derek for anyone that is looking for advice on marketing, strategic directions and what is a good brand of scotch to give to a client.
James Kennedy
Partner, FONTUR International

Derek is one of the most inspired and inspiring marketers I have ever met. If you need help with your corporate identity/brand, or optimizing your brand's presence on the internet, Derek can certainly help guide you. He is also an amazing speaker.
Dr. Andrea Wojnicki
Marketing & Brand Strategy Expert

Derek is one of the few people I know that has a "classic" marketing discipline and acumen and is able to use that acumen to advantage in the current maelstrom of media options. He is an idea guy that will work to build your business, not just your profile. He delivers.
P.Bruce hunter
Executive Advisor, Speaker & Author

The folks at e10 are business people first. Creative Geeks second. They help us navigate the confusing world of online marketing
James Edwards | CEO | TimeTECH

They know what to recommend when. Their depth of experience and creativity helps us be far more efficient with our advertising and promotion.
Don Hughes | President | Facilities Commercial Realty

We hired Derek and his Company because he was able to come up with new marketing ideas that would deliver results
Nicholas Finchham
Marketing * Business Development * Communications * Energy Storage * Sustainability *

Derek has a great strength in that he can analyse business opportunities faster than anyone else I've met. Like any true entrepreneur, there have been home runs and not-so- successful endeavours, but he is like the Energiser Bunny.... he just keeps going, making money and having fun. I value his input into the businesses I've run
Phil Metford
Managing Director, Advantage IQ