diagram of the BFOUND Program 

BFOUND™ is a proven process for generating qualified online sales leads.

Companies who are used to "hunting for customers" are now learning to "be hunted" by them.



First we get the strategy right."It's no good picking up speed if your on the wrong road". 

We notice a lot of traditional marketers just jumping online and flailing about. A Company being "on Facebook" without a clear business objective is, at best, wishful thinking. Sometimes it leads you somewhere, but more often than not it ends poorly.

So our first and most critical task is to work with you to get clear and focussed about your business objectives. Without those, someone in management will eventually eliminate the online budget. If you are going to practice emarketing you need to decide on your objectives.



Our BFOUND™ Program relies heavily on strong digital marketing strategy. We then use PPC Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising) to find the keywords and phrases that actually produce the desired outcome. Most of us do not take enough time understanding the keywords that people use to find us. There is a wealth of information if you look for it.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on-site and off, is the next step. If you think about it, optimizing your site is making sure it is "search engine friendly". To be "search engine friendly" you must be aligned on certain keywords and phrases (Google refers to it as "relevant"). And you are better off aligning to productive keywords and phrases instead of your best guess. So using PPC as a research tool to find the performing keywords makes sense. Then optimizing your site to THOSE keywords is the foundation of a good digital marketing strategy.



Once you understand your performing keywords and have prepared your website to be RELEVANT for those terms, we switch to our SMO (Social Media Optimization) mode. This stage requires a lot of creative writing. Strategically leading with those performing keywords we craft our words such that people understand WHAT WE DO and HOW WE CAN HELP THEM. In other words we become relevant for certain search terms. We use all of the "hot" social media applications, watching which ones the search engines are paying more attention to. We call it "Google-juice" and what we mean is that Google (and all other search engines) attch more importance and relevance to different things. A major part of our role is to understand what they are looking for and making sure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. This is true marketing.

When a person enters a search term, they are looking for something specific, so it stands to reason that if you can BFOUND for specific search terms, you stand a better chance of winning your share of the transactions for that search. So single, focussed terms are the order of the day. Broad, sweeping "catch-all" marketing is dead. In fact, we assert it was always more of a sales strategy than marketing.



We are always analyzing the information we gather. It is our job to "interpret" the data and make coressponding adjustments to the campaign, the site or the process. But first we have to capture data. You cannot manage what you do not measure.

By combining strategy, creativity, PPC, SEO and Social Media in an innovative way,  we allow people to find you when they want you. We allow you to BFOUND. Imagine, dealing with prospects who are actually interested and engaged, asking questions and looking to find a way to buy your product.

When the buyer changes the way they buy, we strongly recommend that sellers change the way they sell.

Contact us today and start the process of creating awareness, increasing traffic and generating qualified leads

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