Hunt AND Be Hunted

We have spent years learn to SPEND money, HUNT for customers and HOPE they remember us when it comes time to buy. Now, thanks mainly to Google, the hunters must learn to be hunted. Now when a consumer is looking for something, they simply Google it. If you are there you have a chance to present your solution. If not, someone's going to eat your lunch.

The consumer has changed the way they buy - have you changed the way you sell? 


Engagement rather than interruption

If you can connect the right consumer (your target), with the right product or message, at the right time (when they need it), you’ll generate converts to your brand. Think receiving a sports drink during a workout, an energy bar before a hike, or running shoe tips when you’ve signed up for your first marathon.


It always sounds better when somebody else says it. Especially a friend.

We all trust our friends. Few of us trust advertisers. So if you can impress my friends enough to have them tell me about you, I’m all ears. I am far more open to an offer from my friends than I am from a relatively unknown advertiser. Research says 83% of consumers trust what their friends tell them. 13% trust advertisers. A good Digital agency knows that context is far more important than content, yet most of our primary effort is on content and creative messaging.

Generate consumer-to-consumer communications

Forget brand-to-consumer communication - consumers don’t trust it or engage with it. Most brands understand that word of mouth marketing is important. But it’s also really hard to achieve with the traditional marketing mentality. Applying a mass marketing mentality to a one-to-one marketing world creates a mess. Often it produces the exact opposite of what we intend. Facebook works. If you have stated your offer in a way people connect with, you can spread from community-to-community fast. Twitter and LinkedIN are not far behind.


Measure ROI

Without measurement how do you know if what you are doing is working? For many years the media has intentionally given you enough data to buy, but not enough to measure. Should we rely on sales lift or do we need to incorporate market research? As a digital agency, we get to see all the different ways that brands evaluate their programs.  When a consumer commits to doing something – whether it’s signing up for their first 5K, booking a campground for a family vacation, or enrolling their daughter in a soccer league, it’s part of an overall participation journey and triggers specific needs and purchase behaviors. Are you listening to your prospects?

The Difference

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