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We have noticed that a lot of SEO, PPC and social media activity lacks any cohesive strategy. Marketers are just "on" Facebook, or have done the basic set-up of an Adwords account and have limited their daily spend to an amount they can justify. Just as many - or more - conduct Search Engine Optimization without really understanding which words and phrases they want to optimize their website to. To those we say STOP. And we're saying it before your C level management do.

Internet marketing is about finding a way to generate an ROI from the world wide web. The activity must support the overall objectives of your company, otherwise it is just a waste of time and effort. So the first step in any Digital marketing campaign is to develop a clear, concise strategy. 

Armed with a Digital Strategy we can now look at:

1) Pay Per Click Advertising - we believe the primary use of PPC is to do research. A small monthly budget can tell us everything we need to know, allow us to test theories and ideas in the real world and see what produces the desired result. Brands that continue to pump dollars into PPC while ignoring their organic rankings for their productive keywords and phrases, will be investing an awful lot of money to Google over the next few years. Those who identify their productive keywords and invest the time and energy into improving their organic ranking for those exact terms, get to keep their hard earned marketing dollars for other efforts. Our experience reveals that more leads come from organic ranking clicks than from PPC clicks once the hard work is done.

2) Search Engine Optimization - armed with the research data from our PPC campaign, we can optimize the website to those exact terms. Our keywords and phrases can be embedded in titles. headlines, body copy, meta tags, meta descriptions and even photo tags. Properly executed we can impact the organic rankings, letting Google and other search engines know what they can count on your site for.

3) Social Media Marketing - once again, using those same productive keywords and phrases, we want to start "putting ourselves out in the internet communities" using social media sites and blogs.

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Your Digital Strategy Should Fit With Your Overall Strategy

Contact us to discuss how your digital strategy is a part of your overall marketing strategy, even though it is fast becoming an important part.