Email marketing is one of those relatively new marketing tools (last 10 years) and while some have embraced it as an integral part of their marketing mix, others have, in our opinion, misunderstood the opportunity that email marketing presents.

In a mass marketing world that many marketers grew up in, we were used to speaking to large demographic groups rather than individuals.

With the rise of email marketing and social media marketing comes the ability to deal with each person - an individual - on their own terms. In other words the balance of power has shifted to the consumer - they own their inbox, not the large media companies or you, the marketer. This is even more empahasized in Canada with our new Canadian Anti Spam Legistlation (CASL).

The challenge many marketers face is making the shift from using mass media to "shout their message" to "listening to their prospects" and serving up the messages and content they are asking for. This fundamental change in mentality is mandatory when dealing with individuals. Marketing-speak is out. Replaced by relevance and appropriate timing.

At e10 we work with our clients to maximize email marketing as part of their overall marketing mix. Every interaction with a prospect is an opportunity to listen to what they are interested in - a chance to add information to their individual file so future communication can be even more targeted to each person's preferences and interests. Great on paper but how do we transform that into an email program that works? Let's explore...

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Email marketing allows marketers to build a one-on-one relationship with their brand fans. We are happy to discuss your specific circumstances.