An integrated agency is a full service emarketing agency - one that knows the internet inside and out AND combines that with a traditional ad agency skills. One who understands how to use mass media advertising to promote a brand. One agency that understands how to fuse Social Media, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization into the current advertising plans to help clients promote their business - keeping up with the fast-paced changes in the marketplace.

Marketing Magazine (July 22,2015) reports: "Digital is on the verge of accounting for one third of Canada’s major media advertising pie, with spending increasing 10.9% to $3.79 billion last year. Digital now represents approximately 30% of all advertiser investment in reported media." Read the full article.

We still help brands HUNT for customers (put our brand out there in a targeted way and hope they remember us when they want to buy) but we also know how to  have them BE HUNTED by customers (allow them to be easily found when prospects are looking to buy).

Lets face it, consumers have changed the way they buy. Now when they want something, they simply Google it. And if your brand is not there when they Google, you may well be "out of the game". You may not even make the short list - even though you know you should for that particular product.

With this massive change in consumer behavior comes a fundamental change in the way we offer our products for purchase. Those who can easily be found and can present their products clearly and simply, allowing people to easily buy (or make their buying decision) stand a much greater chance of success in The Google Age. As your integrated agency, our role is to stay on top of the fast changing internet.

We strive for creativity - not originality. If we see something that is working for another firm in a different market sector, we'll recommend it. Great advertising is about results not originality.

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