1. Clarify the problem before rushing to solve it

2. Show us a picture of your ideal buyer.

3. Speak plain English. You are dealing with real people.

4. Always start with the end in mind.

5. What is your single, relevant, believable message?

6. Be found. All the millions invested in advertising won't come close to the results produced by a top 5 ranking for your relevant phrase or words.

7. Use video on your website - it communicates.

8. Keep your perspective. Online or off, advertising is not life or death.

9. Use every tool available to reach your audience.

10. Never underestimate the damage an angry dissatisfied customer can create.

11. Never underestimate the power of a happy customer.

12. There’s no way to immediately respond to a TV, outdoor or newspaper ad.

13. When designing your website - Pretty is great. Easy to use is better.

14. You're not your ideal customer. You don’t have to like the creative to approve it.

15. Treat people with respect, they'll reciprocate.

16. Spam them, annoy them, talk down to them, and they'll retaliate.

17. Campaign analytics are a must. Test, Test, Roll.

18. IT is not Marketing. Don't have them run the web site. It's not fair to anyone.

19. Your web site is but one element of an effective internet marketing strategy. You wouldn’t tolerate a rude, uncooperative, unattractive receptionist.

20. Plan, but be flexible. Listen. Make changes.

21. Don’t let your competition ambush you via the Internet.

22. Be relevant. Be appropriate.

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