Research tells us that people remember only 20 percent of what they hear and only 30 percent of what they see, but 70 percent of what they see AND hear. We should not be surprised to see WEB VIDEO become one of the fastest rising marketing stars.

Not the phone, not a print brochure, not even a web site can deliver your message as efficiently and cost-effectively as talking pictures. Combining video with your website is just good sense. At e10 egency inc., we write and produce Storytelling on the internet, corporate video as well as event videos. 

Adrienne Sharp, President of e10 is also our Senior Video Producer with more than 25 years of award-winning video production.

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What is a STORYLINE?

A Storyline is a short (:15 - 1:30 minutes) online video that delivers a specific communication. Designed to be simple and effective, our Toronto based productions use the principles of traditional news reporting - get to the heart of the matter quickly, dealing only with the most relevant issues. Every medium should communicate quickly and effectively. In order to do that we place a great deal of emphasis on the strategy, writing and editing. The storytelling is the key. And being a strong eMarketing & Communications egency, we must pay attention to these viewer trends.

Combine that with the cost effective production techniques available today, the use of web-video is no longer just a high-end tool for those Toronto firms with large marketing & promotion budgets. Experts agree that 23% of communication is the words, yet we continue to place long copy galleys on our websites when we can SHOW & TELL within our budgets using Storylines™. Contact us

"Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact."
Robert McKee

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