The key to building a great website, once the strategy is nailed, is our ability to efficiently manage process. The better we are, the fewer hours, days, weeeks or months are needed. So having exceptional project management skills are at the heart of our web building abilities. We only work with professional project managers who have been trained and certified in the finer details of keeping a project on strategy, on time and on budget.

Our process calls for detailed schedules and clear budget guidelines. If we misjudge the time and expertise required - you don't pay for that. You just pay what you agreed to and we deliver what we said we would. In order to do that and make a profit, we must be smart and efficient. We must also be very clear about deliverables, timelines and budgets. Communincation at the early stages are critical.

We've built well over 100 sites. And our partners in PLUJO, our content management system, have built over 400. In the course of doing so, we have gained a lifetime of learning and we have noticed some consistent gaffs that we and our clients make. It is not quantitative reseacrh but it sure counts. And we have saved many of our clients a great deal of dollars and time (not to mention frustration) by sharing those lessons.

While we are discussing build - never let your IT people build your website. It is one of your most valauble marketing initiatives. We used to give it to them because they could speak geek and communicate with the programmers. But for the most part we ended up with sites that were using the most advanced techie stuff and served little to no marketing purpose. In fact often they worked aginst us! So do your IT folks a favour and move the website development and management to marketing. It's where it belongs.

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Well Managed Website Projects Cost Less

Most web development firms charge a fee based on hours required to complete the job. So rather than asking "how much?" perhaps you should ask "how many hours?". Ask us and we would be happy to give you a detailed quote - and live to it as long as the scope (the oringial objectives/plan) don't change.