How we use websites is changing right before our eyes. Since the mid- late 90s we all put corporate sites up almost as brochureware - they were simply electronic brochures. Yet now, with the masses going online and the productivity of Web 2.0, we can see a different vision for our websites. We can see how they could be the very center - the hub - of our business with all online activity leading back to the right page within our sites.


So gone are the days when the website "gets done". Now it is a living, changing document that evolves with the business and organizes all online communication and activity. So many companies are re-thinking their appraoch to their website. They are beginning to undertsand that our web presence is our primary branding tool - the impression or reputation that it reveals may be the only one a prospects ever sees. These are certainly interesting times!

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Have You Outgrown Your Website

The reason for posting a website has changed. From 'brochureware' to your business hub. Conatct us and we'll explore how your website can be a revenue generator rather than a cost.